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Contact List Styles

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minimalist_boxed (5 Comments)
by popular request *cough cough* updated with both panther and graphite for the minimalist monkays.
Ji_ 66.72kb
2571 total
3.3 / 55 votes
(Ranking: 0.52)
Aqua Spotlight (4 Comments)
This is a color theme for the contact list baised on spotlight, the Aqua (Tiger) theme, and the Spotlight Message View by bob_the_gorilla (Andy Allcorn). I made this theme because I like the soptlight message view and I wanted a...
wunderwood 864b
1739 total
3.1 / 40 votes
(Ranking: 0.16)
Bytesize (3 Comments)
Includes: 1 x Contact List Layouts 1 x Contact List Colour Schemes 1 x Icon Packs Rich::
dcentity2000 151.13kb
1906 total
3.5 / 20 votes
(Ranking: 0.65)
Aqua Ash (22 Comments)
This contact list looks good with practically any background, but it looks especially good with a blue one. It's got semi-transparent grey contacts, with a cool aqua group bubble. Thanks for checkin it out! >>Click Here For My...
Dylan1077 2.38kb
3208 total
3.1 / 88 votes
(Ranking: 0.19)
EYLO (4 Comments)
This is a sweet lookin' contact list to match the EYLO ShapeShifter theme. It perfectly matches the theme, yet is still pleasing to the eye. -- Click Here For The Official EYLO Page -- Click Here For My Other Contact Lists
Dylan1077 2.4kb
580 total
3.1 / 42 votes
(Ranking: 0.16)
Silver Milk (8 Comments)
A clean, chrome-looking contact list. I created it to match the 'Milk' ShapeShifter theme. The font used is called 'Eurostile'. --Click Here For My Other Lists-- --Version 1.1 Includes Bubble Status Icons as seen in 2nd preview....
Dylan1077 19.15kb
6366 total
3.4 / 64 votes
(Ranking: 0.72)
Minimalist Chameleon (4 Comments)
A very, very simple contact list style. It works best if your contact list sits over an area of almost solid colour on your desktop, and is ideal if you have your desktop set to change colour every so often, since this contact list seems...
sebFlyte 1.59kb
1253 total
3.3 / 37 votes
(Ranking: 0.47)
Candy (0 Comments)
a sweet contact list style
poohbeerke 3.11kb
716 total
2.8 / 39 votes
(Ranking: -0.32)
panther_desaturated_bgrd (6 Comments)
cropped desaturated panther bgrd image for your contact list minus bling. font colors indicate status: black = online grey = idle white = idle and away / away
Ji_ 112.8kb
11324 total
3.7 / 73 votes
(Ranking: 1.30)
Fresh! (26 Comments)
Fresh! Theme for Adium This theme incorporates a minimal contactlist with some nice happy icons inspired on David Lanhams work ( and uses a font called silkscreen for maximum visibility. All these are included in...
Boramor 426.76kb
25229 total
3.8 / 209 votes
(Ranking: 1.86)
Aqualicious is Beautiful (6 Comments)
Another xtra back from the dead, this is a contact list theme that is (in my humble opinion) more in keeping with Apple's version of Aqua than the default theme shipping with Adium. Also featured in the shot are my Sunken Gems status...
ispytonyv 1.01kb
4961 total
4.1 / 58 votes
(Ranking: 1.94)
Samura (5 Comments)
maiwen 1.62kb
1123 total
3.3 / 29 votes
(Ranking: 0.44)
Smallerated (5 Comments)
The Smallerated contact list is a very very very small contact list, good for those with small screens and wanting every ounce of screen space without losing their contact list. It comes with the Somatic Dots status icons, which I got...
ianweller 225.7kb
1008 total
3.4 / 34 votes
(Ranking: 0.61)
Watercolor (3 Comments)
Based off the Watercolor Guikit. This Xtra includes a list layout, four color variations (like the theme), and the Somatic status icons.
FordPrefect 19.58kb
1675 total
3.5 / 26 votes
(Ranking: 0.71)
Black and White (4 Comments)
I made this theme to go with the VOID system theme. The font I'm using in the previews in Minx from The status icons come in black and white flavors where as the tab icons are always black.
fissure 375.63kb
2184 total
3.4 / 27 votes
(Ranking: 0.57)
WindowGui (3 Comments)
Alittle different taste, A windows GUI style Contactlist.. Ps pls install the status icons to get the same look at the preview thanks -=LT=-
Little_Tiger 155.59kb
723 total
3.0 / 26 votes
(Ranking: 0.00)
AppleGui (16 Comments)
Here is the most love GUI..Apple Gui.. Pls install the status icons to get the same style and but the transparent of the contact list to 25% thanks -=LT=-
Little_Tiger 105.03kb
10663 total
3.8 / 68 votes
(Ranking: 1.47)
Grass (40 Comments)
Grass Theme for for Adium This theme incorporates a minimal contactlist with the New Gems statusicons and uses a font called silkscreen for maximum visibility. It also includes a wallpaper to accompany the list. All these are...
Boramor 495.82kb
98679 total
3.8 / 580 votes
(Ranking: 2.21)
Decay (27 Comments)
THIS THEME IS NOW INCLUDED AS A STANDARD THEME CALLED DECAY 2.0 IN ADIUM 1.0 AND UP! For optimal peformance, set opacity to 70%. This theme incorporates another minimal contactlist with the Chat Bubbles statusicons (already...
Boramor 478.21kb
60339 total
3.1 / 410 votes
(Ranking: 0.26)
Bubbles! (5 Comments)
A contact list style based on the growl notification bubbles for a more growl look switch opacity to 95% comments are appreciated
Wengero 2.57kb
2246 total
3.0 / 59 votes
(Ranking: 0.00)
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