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/paste (3 Comments)
This script lets you paste large text blurbs through Simply copy the text you wish to paste and type in /paste in your chat window.
rizzix 2.74kb
1282 total
4.5 / 23 votes
(Ranking: 2.04)
Miss Nothing (6 Comments)
This script is designed to be put in your away messages (just add %missnothing to the the end) to pause iTunes tracks so that you miss nothing. (Hence the icon. This is what is known as a pune or play on words.) You may also want to...
BlueRevolution 121.45kb
1282 total
3.3 / 111 votes
(Ranking: 0.61)
Print URL to current iTunes Track (12 Comments)
This script outputs a link to the currently playing iTunes track so your buddies can listen to the music you're listening to. Note: You must have an admin password and an internet connection that allows you to serve web pages. This...
jrigby 191.13kb
1281 total
3.1 / 73 votes
(Ranking: 0.19)
Baseball Scores (9 Comments)
Finally! Updating baseball scores for Adium!!! It gets scores from's XML feeds To use it type %_mlb{team,link?} you have to use the teams abbreiviation to get a list type %_mlb{help,no} Please Post Any Bugs...
fiftyfour123 8.55kb
1270 total
4.4 / 59 votes
(Ranking: 2.48)
Doctor Who Quote (4 Comments)
A random quote generator for the 2006 series of Doctor Who. This generator only includes quotes from David Tennant's "Tenth Doctor." Furthermore, I have only found (via WikiQuote) quotes from the episode "The Christmas Invasion" up until...
VinceBerry 10.86kb
1267 total
4.3 / 17 votes
(Ranking: 1.60)
Time Factoring (0 Comments)
A script that will factor time, in 24 hour format. Based on the xckd factoring time comic . Simply type /timeFact or %_timeFact and time will be factored for you.
AaronV 9.48kb
1250 total
4.2 / 9 votes
(Ranking: 1.15)
Myspace Friends (5 Comments)
For all who are addicted to myspace, here is an xtra that shows how many friends you have. Type "myspacefriends{ yoururl }" to use. If you don't know your URL then your friend ID will also work. ( yoururl...
ihaveabellybutton 27.76kb
1233 total
3.1 / 45 votes
(Ranking: 0.17)
iCal2Adium (11 Comments)
Based loosely on Away Cal I made some improvements and additions based on a script I made for iChat. It will display whatever events you have from iCal. You can specify which calendar you want to use, or use them all. Usage...
andrewconti 9.04kb
1230 total
3.7 / 11 votes
(Ranking: 0.73)
Firefly Random Quotes (6 Comments)
Greetings to all Browncoat Adium users! I hacked this little script from the Star Trek: TOS Random Quotes script (just to get the enclosing AppleScript for the quotes), and included almost all the Firefly and Serenity quotes on...
gnosis 26.17kb
1225 total
4.1 / 14 votes
(Ranking: 1.26)
pastebin (10 Comments)
This script sends the current copy'n'paste-buffer of OS X to and returns the URL for the paste. Just type "/pastebin" in a chat window and the resulting URL will appear in the chat.
phriedrich 7.31kb
1212 total
4.8 / 17 votes
(Ranking: 2.21)
Anym Acronym Script (25 Comments)
It's an acronym replacement script aimilar to those seen on irc, replaces lol with Laughing Out Loud, etc. It's NOT censored, so sensitive people should sit out. So wtf becomes exactly what wtf means. Enjoy!
Reikon 11.87kb
1212 total
3.1 / 125 votes
(Ranking: 0.21)
Mors-Code Converter (2 Comments)
This script converts the message to mors-code. f.e. %_mors{This is a Test} => -.-.- - .... .. ... .. ... .- - . ... - .-.-. (This is a Test) Have fun ;)
LOK 10.97kb
1199 total
4.9 / 13 votes
(Ranking: 2.12)
Ponder (1 Comments)
Are you pondering what I'm pondering? I think so, Brain - why hasn't there been a Pinky and the Brain script before now? Ponder is a quick Applescript based on YoMomma that displays Brain's question, "Are you pondering what I'm...
Manevitch 13.35kb
1196 total
4.3 / 7 votes
(Ranking: 1.10)
Star Trek Next Generation Quotations (2 Comments)
Random and memorable quotations from Next Gen Trek characters Captain Picard, Commander Riker, Dr. Crusher, Troi, Data, Geordi, Tasha Yar, Guinan, Wes, Sarek and others. Just type in /sttng to insert a random Next Generation quote into...
ds093 16.24kb
1192 total
4.5 / 4 votes
(Ranking: 0.90)
ShowIIP (5 Comments)
A modified version of Patrick Gibson's ShowIP script that shows your internal instead of your external IP address. Usage: /showiip
piltdownman 5.36kb
1159 total
2.9 / 32 votes
(Ranking: -0.15)
Better Who Script (3 Comments)
A better script for the %_who command - includes the original (still %_who), but also includes a '/who' version that uses the display name, and creates nice links if the protocol can handle them. /who tells the person you are chatting...
schinckel 15.59kb
1139 total
4.2 / 9 votes
(Ranking: 1.15)
MSNameChange (1 Comments)
This script will change your MSN account display name semi-automatically. It may not be all that useful, it's just something I threw together to see how adiumscripts work. Type "/name{the name you want goes here}" and hit enter. It's...
flawless 7.01kb
1138 total
2.9 / 8 votes
(Ranking: -0.09)
Card Dealer (0 Comments)
What is it? I saw somebody wrote a dice roller, so I thought it would be fun to have a random card dealer too. If you download this and my Deck-O-Cards Emoticon Pack (not required, though), you can have fun dealing out a lousy...
RR_GraphixGuy 25.53kb
1126 total
4.1 / 12 votes
(Ranking: 1.19)
Awaylable (useful with BluePhoneElite!) (1 Comments)
Awaylable consists of two scripts which set your status in Adium to Away or Available—hence the punning name. If you want something more exotic you can choose any other status message, including the ones you've made yourself....
joenp 23.67kb
1114 total
4.5 / 6 votes
(Ranking: 1.17)
Raw HTML (5 Comments)
This Script will just return your raw HTML into normal text: %_html{<A HREF="">Adium X</A>} will return: Adium X It just was 1 line of code; very simple! 1.1: Changes /foo to %_foo, and added...
zaudragon 3.94kb
1108 total
3.2 / 63 votes
(Ranking: 0.36)
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