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Steam IM (new) (0 Comments)
Adium protocol plugin to support Steam instant messaging Thanks to Pidgin-Opensteamworks Old code from Steam IM The sourcecode (and binary releases) are available on github:
TheMan 196.5kb
627 total
0.0 / 13 votes
(Ranking: -3.34)
WhatsApp IM (33 Comments)
This plugin enables support for the WhatsApp protocol in Adium. You need to sniff your WhatsApp password to use this protocol plugin, a tutorial can be found here . Contacts are not synced, therefore you need to add them as new...
ThYpHoOn 136.44kb
8820 total
2.6 / 38 votes
(Ranking: -0.63)
SIPE Adium Plugin (1 Comments)
This plugin develops third-party plugins for the Adium multi-protocol instant messaging client. It implements the extended version of SIP/SIMPLE used by various products: Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft Business Productivity...
mlamb1976 222.35kb
6884 total
2.4 / 29 votes
(Ranking: -0.88)
Adium Tox Plugin (0 Comments)
This plugin will enable Adium users to log onto the private tox-network ( ). Release notes: * Alpha release of Adium Tox plugin created from the pidgin tox plugin ( ) and code inspired by steam adium plugin (...
epic 751.87kb
389 total
1.4 / 8 votes
(Ranking: -1.44)
Youtube Plugin (64-Bit) (0 Comments)
This is the 64-Bit build of the YouTube Plugin by Vincenzo Mantova ( ). Requires Mac OS X 10.7 to run (and Adium running in 64-Bit Mode).
martin123 19.73kb
859 total
1.9 / 8 votes
(Ranking: -0.99)
IgnoreAOLSystemMsg (0 Comments)
This version wasn't working on my Core i7 Macbook Pro, so I recompiled it.
æsc 7.97kb
211 total
2.5 / 2 votes
(Ranking: -0.15)
League of Legends (2 Comments)
A plugin to add a League of Legends account type for easy configuration, just select your region and username/password. Displays friend status and icons.
ciaran 48.91kb
258 total
3.0 / 2 votes
(Ranking: 0.00)
AdiURLShortener (11 Comments)
AdiURLShortener is a plugin that shortens long URLs so you won't see walls of text anymore! least not underlined blue ones! Only URLS starting with either http:// or https:// are shortened. You can tune the plugin in the...
micheleb 55.06kb
622 total
3.5 / 11 votes
(Ranking: 0.52)
AdiumXMPPBookmarks (0 Comments)
AdiumXMPPBookmarks is a plugin for Adium that implements XEP-0048: Bookmark Storage . When connecting an XMPP account, Adium will attempt to retrieve all server-side bookmarks, add them locally and join them if they are set to...
sphynx 14.71kb
422 total
2.5 / 2 votes
(Ranking: -0.15)
Ingamium (43 Comments)
Ingamium is a plugin for the free chat client Adium. It allows you to receive messages and reply to them while playing a game without leaving fullscreen mode or quitting the game. You´ll simply see the messages on top of the game and in...
Fl0ri4n 209.67kb
6791 total
3.9 / 29 votes
(Ranking: 1.32)
AndroidStatusPlugin (6 Comments)
A plugin which marks GTalk contacts who use Android clients as mobile. Android phones include the word 'android' or 'MessagingA' in the Jabber resource they use. This plugin finds this and marks contacts accordingly as shown in the...
yuzawa-san 6.38kb
2408 total
4.1 / 12 votes
(Ranking: 1.19)
AIGtalkSharedStatus (0 Comments)
This plugin adds support for Google Shared Status. It is based on the Google Shared Status Pidgin plugin by Federico Zanco, available at . Source code is available at...
d235j 23.91kb
1299 total
3.3 / 3 votes
(Ranking: 0.14)
QCImageUp (0 Comments)
Auto image uploading to Imagur or ImageShack With this plugin, when you drag and drop an image into the message input field of a chat, it automatically gets uploaded to the image service of your choice. (Same as the "Replace with...
qcook2000 27.71kb
994 total
2.7 / 3 votes
(Ranking: -0.14)
MsgCatcher (1 Comments)
Send to mail chat message support TSL/SSL and password on smtp
poison80 853.88kb
146 total
0.0 / 0 votes
(Ranking: 0.00)
Pushover (7 Comments)
Pushover is a service for receiving notifications on Android and iOS devices. This plugin forwards to your Pushover devices any messages received in Adium while your account is away and/or your screen is locked. To get started:...
jcs 35.78kb
4527 total
1.8 / 47 votes
(Ranking: -2.01)
MSN Plus (218 Comments)
This is a plugin for MSN Service, whose features are: - Filter annoying MSN Plus nicknames tags. The code for filtering these tags was taken from a patch (revised) posted on Adium Trac by Andrea Gianarro - Add support for MSN Custom...
ivendor 83.3kb
107627 total
4.2 / 452 votes
(Ranking: 3.19)
AdiumQQ (38 Comments)
This plugin provides support for QQ2010, QQ2011 and QQ2012 in Adium. Allows users to communicate on the new QQ2012 protocol. Wrapper around libqq-pidgin plugin. If you want emoticons, there is a supplemental Xtra available here ....
worr 389.53kb
4352 total
3.4 / 29 votes
(Ranking: 0.58)
Steam IM (32 Comments)
Steam IM protocol support for Adium. Thanks to the developer of the pidgin-opensteamworks project . This version of the plugin uses the steam mobile API, so the Steam application is not required. Source code available here .
Hermi 52.18kb
8562 total
3.4 / 46 votes
(Ranking: 0.67)
Toggle Proxies (0 Comments)
A plugin for Adium that makes it easy to turn the proxy for all accounts on or off with a key stroke. The source for this plugin is here:
silverma 5.85kb
394 total
3.0 / 5 votes
(Ranking: 0.00)
Sort by Log Size Plugin (42 Comments)
This plugin adds the option to sort your contact list by log file size. The result is that the contacts you talk to most float to the top of your contact list. This is an open-source project; the source (and issue list and...
jon.chambers 14.84kb
12171 total
3.9 / 84 votes
(Ranking: 1.73)
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