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Infected Mushroom – The ICQ 6 Soundtrack (6 Comments) - Sound Sets
Global psy-trance group Infected Mushroom, ranked number 12 globally by DJ Magazine, teamed up with ICQ for the newest version of ICQ 6.
DiabolicDevilX 1.54mb
59547 total
3.8 / 95 votes
(Ranking: 1.58) Icon for Adium (37 Comments) - Dock Icons
FatBird.colors series. Color: Green
3fl 4.68mb
59530 total
4.1 / 637 votes
(Ranking: 3.08)
iPhoto (36 Comments) - Contact List Styles
It's a pretty close clone of the new iPhoto '05 adjustment palette. Weird choice to base a theme on, you might say. And you'd be right. I just think it's unobtrusive, yet smart and sophisticated. [/pretentious rubbish] Best viewed...
bob_the_gorilla 1.5kb
58563 total
3.7 / 326 votes
(Ranking: 1.76)
Candyball (15 Comments) - Status Icons
Small, open source icons. The original work these icons came from was released under an open-source license at, however that site no longer exists.
thejokell 18.08kb
58115 total
4.4 / 375 votes
(Ranking: 3.60)
Dark Chat (20 Comments) - Message Styles
[Dark Chat] Message Style I always like this kind of terminal interface. "Dark Chat" is inspired by phrenzy's message style h4x0r. I made my version more legible. Sometimes your friend's screen name is so long that you don't know...
wowstanley 261.07kb
57248 total
4.0 / 179 votes
(Ranking: 2.25)
Adiumy Status Icons Classic (15 Comments) - Status Icons
As a proof of the ducks being eveywhere, you can now set you contact list's status icons to be Adiumy faces... =) I made another version of it with the new Adium Icons. You can see it here . See my others Xtras ! Please rate...
Félix 11.85kb
55691 total
3.8 / 537 votes
(Ranking: 2.18)
Matrix (11 Comments) - Sound Sets
A little greats sounds from the marvellous film by the Wachowski brothers. Smalls cleans and perfects.
codename 1.23mb
55435 total
3.6 / 284 votes
(Ranking: 1.47)
GAIA Messageview (29 Comments) - Message Styles
Exclusive release of the messageview included in the GAIA suite. Graphics by Imrik, updated and reworked by myself. Substyles This messagestyle included several substyles. Big Header Regular With User-Icons...
pichfl 264.6kb
54635 total
4.0 / 201 votes
(Ranking: 2.30)
EVE CED (15 Comments) - Dock Icons
After seeing Wall-E I decided to create my own EVE Adium pack! 7 different icons, login and alerts animated!
Constantin 250.65kb
53374 total
4.1 / 393 votes
(Ranking: 2.85)
Darth Vadium (22 Comments) - Dock Icons
Psiona's Darth Vadium avatar, made into a dock icon. White lightsaber for offline, red for online, purple for away, and yellow for idle.
da_baum 255.92kb
53341 total
4.1 / 225 votes
(Ranking: 2.59)
iPhone SMS (34 Comments) - Message Styles
This message style is basically a "port" of the iPhone's native SMS application. With the exception of a few features, this is as close as I could get the message/contact list style to match that of the iPhone. Features include:...
Aqueous 176.4kb
53077 total
4.1 / 144 votes
(Ranking: 2.37)
Napoleon Dynamite 1.1 (36 Comments) - Sound Sets
This is a sound set based on the movie Napoleon Dynamite. The sounds were downloaded off the official website. The movie was really funny and the sound set is equally funny. I am open to suggestions for improvement. UPDATE: This is now...
trebe 497.4kb
53075 total
3.4 / 1589 votes
(Ranking: 1.28)
Pretty Simple (46 Comments) - Message Styles
A minimalist message style to match the Pretty Simple contact list style . Includes a set of backgrounds in case the transparent look causes troubles while scrolling or switching tabs.
piotrekm 30.99kb
52575 total
4.1 / 128 votes
(Ranking: 2.32)
iChat-ish 2 (15 Comments) - Contact List Styles
In an attempt to recreate the look of iChat, I decided to create my own Contact List. Nothing extraordinary, just an iChat-ish feel.
iankaumeyer 9.2kb
51388 total
4.1 / 120 votes
(Ranking: 2.29)
cool cat (43 Comments) - Emoticons
This is cool, big, unusual emoticon. I don't know who made these emoticons. But my friends already use it for their jabber... ^_^ I suggest u to download it first and then install it manually..
tikabanget 283.82kb
51011 total
3.9 / 393 votes
(Ranking: 2.33)
Send Tune (45 Comments) - AppleScripts
This script allows you to send the tune you're currently listening to with iTunes. Just type in /sendtune , then the song you're listening to is sent to your active conversation's contact. If, instead, you type in /sendzip , it...
Félix 12.05kb
50914 total
4.2 / 420 votes
(Ranking: 3.15)
Satin (61 Comments) - Message Styles
A clean theme with a soft feel to it, inspired by the Smooth Operator style. Satin includes several layout and color options. NOTE: To get the complete look and feel, reformat the incoming message font to Helvetica size 10 with a...
Yojimbo 67.79kb
50817 total
3.8 / 547 votes
(Ranking: 2.19)
Modern (13 Comments) - Message Styles
A Port of "Modern" from Proteus. This is the first version released and I have set it at v.8 because there are still a number of things I have not touched as of yet. You will probably get unexpected results with. The Header...
Fusion 114.6kb
50564 total
4.0 / 194 votes
(Ranking: 2.29)
Gir (39 Comments) - Dock Icons
Gir from "Invader Zim" - everyone's favorite insane robot. "It's not stupid, it's advanced!"
digitaljellyfish 356.24kb
50347 total
3.9 / 646 votes
(Ranking: 2.53)
SimpleStatusList (12 Comments) - Contact List Styles
a very simple Theme see the status off your contacts without having statusicons displayed!
scorpion919 4.72kb
50287 total
3.9 / 197 votes
(Ranking: 2.07)
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