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Steam IM (new) (0 Comments) - Plugins
Adium protocol plugin to support Steam instant messaging Thanks to Pidgin-Opensteamworks Old code from Steam IM The sourcecode (and binary releases) are available on github:
TheMan 196.5kb
627 total
0.0 / 13 votes
(Ranking: -3.34)
Messages El Capitan Icon (0 Comments) - Dock Icons
This is an update of my older Messages dock icon from Yosemite. The update includes the new Messages icon from El Capitan (Mac 10.11). As with the original, I go for simplicity so this is only the one icon, no animations or anything...
djh816 18.48kb
1250 total
1.1 / 19 votes
(Ranking: -2.43)
doge (0 Comments) - Dock Icons
very wow! much icons! Simple animated doge Dock Icons. Enjoy!
teammct 554.82kb
673 total
1.1 / 19 votes
(Ranking: -2.43)
Degrees (18 Comments) - AppleScripts
Degrees is a weather AppleScript intended as a replacement for "Current Temperature", by xpander, which has been broken (through no fault of his) for a while now. I cobbled this together because I was tired of not being able to...
cowgomoo 15.68kb
1979 total
2.0 / 18 votes
(Ranking: -1.26)
Stark Icons (0 Comments) - Dock Icons
Adium dock icons to match my Stark icons set found at .
Fruityth1ng 119.65kb
351 total
0.0 / 7 votes
(Ranking: -2.54)
EmojiOne (0 Comments) - Emoticons
EmojiOne aims to make a standard set of emoji for the web. This uses the same codes as Emoji-Cheet-Sheat to give a unified much like other emoji sets. Icons have been sized down using the SVG images to 18x18 transparent PNGs.
tresni 2.48mb
335 total
0.0 / 10 votes
(Ranking: -3.00)
LexicalUnit (0 Comments) - Message Styles
Solarized Solarized reduces brightness contrast but, unlike many low contrast colorschemes, retains contrasting hues (based on colorwheel relations) for syntax highlighting readability. Simple This is a minimized theme that...
lexicalunit 6.49kb
388 total
0.7 / 15 votes
(Ranking: -2.71)
Github Emoji (0 Comments) - Emoticons
Ever wanted :+1: and :shipit: to work in Adium? Now you can! This list is created from the Github Emoji API .
tresni 1.09mb
437 total
0.0 / 14 votes
(Ranking: -3.44)
Slack Emoticons (0 Comments) - Emoticons
Slack-compatible emoticons as pulled from Emoji Cheat Sheet .
phobetron 1.97mb
184 total
0.0 / 1 votes
(Ranking: 0.00)
Guava (0 Comments) - Message Styles
Guava is for people who donít mind exchanging some screen space for a large open theme. It has 24 variants: a Light variant (black text on white), a Dark variant (white text on black), six colors of incoming messages (Blue, Gold, Green,...
Goomba 34.43kb
308 total
1.7 / 3 votes
(Ranking: -0.62)
WhatsApp IM (33 Comments) - Plugins
This plugin enables support for the WhatsApp protocol in Adium. You need to sniff your WhatsApp password to use this protocol plugin, a tutorial can be found here . Contacts are not synced, therefore you need to add them as new...
ThYpHoOn 136.44kb
8820 total
2.6 / 38 votes
(Ranking: -0.63)
Flamingo (2 Comments) - Message Styles
This theme was inspired by Flamingo IM 's styling. Github repository
chuhlomin 117.06kb
1186 total
3.6 / 11 votes
(Ranking: 0.62)
Messages for Dark Mode (with Retina support) (0 Comments) - Menu Bar Icons
Messages (with Retina support) icons by Steve Marshall updated for Yosemite Dark Mode
alexeit 9.6kb
1101 total
1.7 / 10 votes
(Ranking: -1.30)
EVE Icon Pack (0 Comments) - Dock Icons
An icon pack for all gamers playing EVE Online and using Adium as their Jabber client.
Kar.Andor 84.16kb
83 total
0.0 / 2 votes
(Ranking: -0.90)
Team Fortress Classic (0 Comments) - Sound Sets
I miss the old sounds of Team Fortress Classic, so I found a rip of them and assembled them into a sound set for Adium. - Standard chat noise is used for all chat notifications - Flag Cap noises used for file transfers (Requests:...
dougwastaken 1.77mb
96 total
2.0 / 6 votes
(Ranking: -0.78)
Hotline Sound Set (1 Comments) - Sound Sets
A sound set from the old network Hotline that I suppose a lot of old Mac users remember and used to love. Just found the files on the said network and repacked them. If you are an active Hotline user and have an iPhone with iOS...
vladkorotnev 595.87kb
138 total
2.2 / 5 votes
(Ranking: -0.56)
Ham-Ham Heartbreak (Hamtaro GBA) (0 Comments) - Sound Sets
The greatest Hamtaro soundpack Adium has ever seen! Enjoy eleven different hamchats ready for your instant messaging pleasure. We assure you these Hamtaro sounds will brighten your day and help you achieve enlightenment and happiness....
nugnug 1.57mb
285 total
5.0 / 1 votes
(Ranking: 0.00)
Cheeky (0 Comments) - Emoticons
Cheeky Animated 3D Puppet-Look Smileys The Cheeky theme is provided as a free Open Source product designed and coded by a professional design office. It consists of lots of funny 3D animated smileys, rendered using a real...
mkarg 7.66mb
140 total
3.0 / 3 votes
(Ranking: 0.00)
EVE Menu Bar Pack (0 Comments) - Menu Bar Icons
A Pack of menu bar icons for EVE online players using Adium as their Jabber client
Kar.Andor 11.61kb
87 total
0.0 / 6 votes
(Ranking: -2.33)
FatBird.gray Icon for Adium (0 Comments) - Dock Icons
FatBird.colors series. Color: Gray
3fl 3.14mb
1860 total
4.1 / 14 votes
(Ranking: 1.26)
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