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# by PeaceTrain67 on 03/10/07 at 09:07:48

ya, tell me how to. can you just put the instructions up here? otherwise, ill give you my email ddress but its not working rkight now. i know a ton of people would like to learn and it would be great if everyone had, like, a source to do so (this thread). by the way, 5 stars/ducks, very nice good movements

# by PeaceTrain67 on 03/06/07 at 17:44:47

im not gonna lie, the best one ecxept maybe the hobbes one, just because i like 'em. but, the movements arent great. how do you make these, please tel me someone, ive spent like an 3 hours on this trying to find out

# by PeaceTrain67 on 03/06/07 at 16:59:54

nice idea. im a fan, but not a major Deadhead or anything but it's pretty cool. How does everyone make these dock icons and sound sets (id like to make one of paul simon, i could probably make a whole set just from Late In The Evening), id like to make a jim morrison icon or something like that, maybe keith moon, or a Who Logo (im sure deadheads are familiar with both The Doors Logo and The Who Logo, but know The Who would work better), basically, how do you do this, whether my ideas are too good or not, I think it'd be fun, even if I was the only one that would enjoy mine. Peace...