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# by jyaltma on 02/20/08 at 00:09:38

hey i like the updates and definitely like the screenname bits... but what is the smaller font that was used in the older versions? i liked that better than the new bigger font... anyway to change that?

# by jyaltma on 02/19/08 at 14:15:52

hmmm, it won't download, it says it's not found... weird... also for some reason if i search for "Tül" in the adium xtras it doesn't come up. maybe those issues are related?

# by jyaltma on 02/19/08 at 13:54:34

awesome... can you make this into a dock icon too? that'd be way awesome.

# by jyaltma on 02/10/08 at 14:36:41

nice, good work

# by jyaltma on 01/17/08 at 00:33:13

will there be any update to incorporate any changes made in the latest adium version and/or leopard? i don't know if it's tul or some other aspect of adium but every so often it crashes ever since i installed the latest adium update. again, don't know if it's tul or what but just wondering. thanks!