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# by epitaphmike on 07/27/08 at 13:46:15

This is an awesome piece. I will get it linked on our site with credit to your work. Great job in all the teams you have created.

# by epitaphmike on 06/14/08 at 20:37:48

I would also love to see a Buffalo, since it is my home town! If you have the base files I can help with the rest. I work for the Phoenix Coyotes and if you make one for Phoenix I will post it and a link to your work on our site in the downloads section!
Great work.

# by epitaphmike on 09/10/07 at 23:09:13

This doesn't work for the new version

# by epitaphmike on 09/10/07 at 23:04:29

Absolutely Great! Too many mutha uckas uckin with my shi!

# by epitaphmike on 09/07/07 at 13:10:53

What about the Sabres, After all he was with the Sabres first! Maybe a little Ryan Miller!