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# by gtarman on 01/14/08 at 16:08:41

When I sit down and I have like a billion IMs from a billion different peeps, I like to just take a glance and see what time I missed them

# by gtarman on 01/14/08 at 16:06:28

That is just plain awesome! One inconvenience (spelled that wrong, didn't I?). It's kool the way you move your cursor over the message to see the time it was sent, but I think it would be kool if it just stayed there...

# by gtarman on 11/04/07 at 13:08:34

oooooooooooo sry for the waste of time
if i am on available, and I click the pre-set away message on the widget, it says the message but with the green "available" icon
if i switch it to "away" and then click the message, it keeps the red "away" icon
sry for the false alarm
I should really check before i post

# by gtarman on 11/04/07 at 13:04:34

I gotta say, that is VERY useful
1 things though
when I set away messages, the icon I see next to the message when I set it is green, signafying that I'm here. and its an away message, so I'm not