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# by flipmess on 09/04/08 at 18:20:23

hi again... i won't give up that easily :)
any chance for an update?
greets flip

# by flipmess on 04/07/08 at 16:10:33

^^ you mean next week end... of course if time permits :D
thx anyway

# by flipmess on 02/11/08 at 13:50:46

Only one thing: some styles, like have in content.html in incoming and outgoing folder something like "%service%" so that one can see what protocol is being used atm. This is imo very useful when you have many "meta" contacts which use different protocols. This is the only thing i'm missing. Thx for your time! n_n

# by flipmess on 02/04/08 at 15:35:14

Any news? ^^

# by flipmess on 11/07/07 at 16:39:02

Awesome style... Thx a lot! If you're still working on this style would it be possible to add the service name (icq, aim, msn) in the initial conversation? I have a lot of meta contacts so it would be very helpful.