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# by MikhailT on 06/02/09 at 16:07:52

Thanks for working on the other stuff.

I'm running 1.4 Beta, I believe it came with a new last message indicator in which Adium will let you know the previous line of conversation after leaving the chat window. It is intended to show the users which message is new since the last activity.

I'll try to add the screenshot later.

# by MikhailT on 06/02/09 at 04:22:32

Awesome, I love the colors. I do hope you'll continue to add more variants to it ASAP.

Couple of things that I would like to request:
1) Please remove the placeholders for the user image. It takes up space that I don't need.
2) Reduce the space between the username and the message by a couple of more pixels, looks spaced out.
3) The last message indicator looks weird, it just a white pixel on far left. Maybe a blue line would be better.