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# by johncoxon on 12/30/07 at 11:55:34

I went through the .plist and changed some stuff and noticed 'Beer.png' and 'Beer Mug.png' - Beer Mug is the proper MSN one, but it has a white background and not the transparency present in the others, which I think should be fixed. Handcuffs need implementing still (there's a handcuffs icon somewhere else in Xtras if you want to do it that way instead, though, folks!) and the 'Secret Telling.png' icon looks like a direct scale-down of the MSN version. Lastly, please either make static versions of the animated emoticons or drastically scale up the repeat rate, because although I dislike walls of animated emoticons, it is kinda useful to be able to tell what they are...

Other than that, these are all fantastic and I like them a lot, especially the Angel icon! :D