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# by charlie on 01/15/08 at 08:52:13

It is great!! thank-you! .. One question: is it possible to have it working with "group bubbles" .. just to have smoothed corners!

# by charlie on 01/15/08 at 08:32:41

Is it possible to have (as before the last plugin revision) a "skype" group for the skype contacts? Creating a group on adium and adding skype contacts does not work, nor creating a group on skype (2.7) beta and seeing of adium skype plugins inports it.

# by charlie on 01/08/08 at 01:50:22

With the 8th jan version no more problems!!! great!

# by charlie on 01/07/08 at 12:48:26

Same problem here, but partially solved:

You need each time to go to /homeuser/library/application support/Adium2.0/Users/Default/libpurple
And delete the file "accounts.xml"
After you can run adium, and the plugin works.

IMP: you need to do it each time before opening adium.
I have sent an email to the devolper explaining the problem / partial solution.

I suggest you in the meantime to make an automator workflow, with the erasing operation and the opening of the application, so you simply doubleclick the automator app instead of the adium icon.