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# by fabiopigi on 01/24/08 at 13:59:35

oops, :D did only read the notes, and tried to open the plugin in textwrangler, thought maybe its just like an applescript like, :)
anyway, thanks, i'll watch what i can do

# by fabiopigi on 01/24/08 at 06:09:14

sorry for the tripple post, the board seems to cut off the messeange. anyway, heres the ending

...which is really disturbing.
can you make the plugin eigther opensource so that we can change the folder name on our own, or make some kind of preference where we can choose more options?
thaaanks a lot

# by fabiopigi on 01/24/08 at 06:08:15


thank you for this greate plugin, really makes the whole thing easier. the only downside is, that the folder also includes the displayname and not only the username. i've got some folders that look like this
●●◦ [.. ѕрάcεcάкε__x ..]◦●● [_.15тн dεz_рάяту._ωεя ςнύиd ѕύfd._x3._] [_.мάяά. ѕzzεн._вεѕт fяїεйds εvά.