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# by horaciosalva on 02/29/08 at 12:45:14

yes! sure you should disable this!!!!!

# by horaciosalva on 02/28/08 at 21:02:59

i'm going to cry! why it doesn't woooooooork for me?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

# by horaciosalva on 02/27/08 at 12:21:08

Hello everybody! i'm sorry but a don't understand WHERE i have to write /randicon{0.5} to get this script working. I don't know from where apple scripts (adium) are executed.
Some say, write /randicon{0.5} in your profile.....where's that??????? others at the begining of the alias/away message ????? i've put my alias like this:
"/randicon{0.5}Horacio" and it didn't change my buddy icon. are the "" mandatory???

thanks a lot guys!