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# by LeRued on 10/16/08 at 20:48:33

ok one last question.. what do i do then? type python? and then? drag and drop the file in and close the window?

# by LeRued on 10/16/08 at 13:27:33

Ok thanks, i found my userfolder. Can I use com + space to find the "Terminal" if i do that window pops up "Terminal -bash - 80x24
Last login: Thu Oct 16..." is that correct?

# by LeRued on 10/15/08 at 23:46:20

Can somebody explain step-by-step how to use this script? I'm kinda new to macs and stuff. Is the "Userfolder" mine ot the one in Adium?
"Launch Terminal (Applications/Utilities) and type "python " (with the space after), then drag and drop the script ("adium") into the window." Launch Terminal? = cmd + space?

# by LeRued on 04/16/08 at 12:29:18

Hi I'm using Adium 1.2.4 and the Skype-API. Although I enabled access for assistive devices I get asked everytime if I want to allow access or not. What can I do?