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# by Rakadar on 10/15/08 at 08:03:25

Works fine for me..thank you so much for making this work again!
I run the latest version of OS X and adium no problem...

# by Rakadar on 04/25/08 at 11:29:16

Well if you have an MSN and icq contact from the same person, adium can "group" them into a single item in the contact list. Adium manages this dependencies via adress book, which doesn't support skype, so my question is if anyone knows a way to merge, say an icq and a skype contact into a singel contact list item.

# by Rakadar on 04/24/08 at 14:11:52

Dockless is a nice programm to make a Dock icon disappear while the app is runnig-this way you still need skype to be runnig, but it'll look like it wasn't.

Is there some way to group skype contacts like icq/msn/etc. contacts? As you can't add skype contacts to apple's adressbook...