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# by invalidusrname on 05/19/08 at 14:17:20

I'd like to say that I really enjoy using this Xtra. It's really nice having all my contacts in one app, instead of multiple chat clients. Thanks for throwing this together :-).

I've noticed a problem with contact statuses. When a Skype user disconnects, it shows their status as "Offline with Voicemail". When they come back online, their status still says the same message. Is there a way to update a contacts status when they come back online?

Also, I had a couple of previous Skype chats that seem to display very weird topics. These chats were started in the Skype program itself, and later carried on in adium. They seem to show a topic that looks like $skype_username/$abc123. I haven't tested starting a topic in adium, but it definitely happens on existing chats.

I've attached a picture showcasing both problems.