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# by germanboy3383 on 04/17/06 at 20:01:07

huh? what is aim fight score?

# by germanboy3383 on 04/04/06 at 23:10:33

hey, quick question, who can see those smilies? i.e. what if i talk to an adium user who has not installed these smilies, will they see them? what about windows msn users? can they see those when not installed on their computers?

# by germanboy3383 on 04/04/06 at 12:20:36

ahh at least a link with more growl notifications
is this the only link where we mac users can find growl extras?

# by germanboy3383 on 01/18/06 at 09:30:46

i am still waiting for some more soundsets from Blizzard games?
how about WOW? lol....thx for the work though...great soundset and sorry to hear about the lose

# by germanboy3383 on 11/29/05 at 17:05:47

any chance for a starcraft version?