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# by joshladella005 on 08/18/08 at 01:40:44

you have a nice looking dock too...where can i find that?

also, what are the rubber ducky and newspaper icons for?

# by joshladella005 on 08/10/08 at 15:36:27

oh i did not know how to do that!...that was ridiculously simple...thank you!

# by joshladella005 on 07/20/08 at 18:48:13

on google talk, the away shows up as a chat bubble with a line and the busy shows up as the "Z"

# by joshladella005 on 07/20/08 at 18:47:29

heyy these are great status icons...exactly what i was looking for...but i was wondering if you could release a version with the "away" and the "do not disturb" switched seems to make more sense to me for someone to be "ZZZ" if theyre away than if theyre busy...