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# by pij on 07/30/08 at 05:35:33

to make it work on new adium version i've made like Fishd says (tnx guy!)
and to put order in images change i have do this

repeat with num from 1 to (count of icons)
set img to ((path to pictures folder as string) & "icons:" & (item num of icons) as string) -- gets the image
set image of every account to tifimagedata -- sets the buddy icon
delay 100
end repeat

# by pij on 07/29/08 at 08:48:25

Hi this script would be exactly what i need.. i ask you if you could update it for the new adium version.. and it could be possible to put an order in the way pictures change?
i have tried to do some change but i'm not abble to do this. tnx