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# by siphyn87 on 09/20/08 at 07:41:22

Hey alright I wasn't expecting to here anything this soon. Thanks for the quick response and keep up the great work.

# by siphyn87 on 09/19/08 at 20:55:24

I really like this message style but recently it has been broken with the recent updates to adium. The problem is that every time someone messages you for the first time and you have it set to show say 5 lines of the previous conversation, instead of it starting at the end of the conversation like it used to, it starts at the beginning and you have to scroll down to see the last instant message instead of already being at the bottom of the conversation to begin with. This is the only message style that I see do this and I was wondering if the author could come out with a fix or if anyone has a solution. Thanks.