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# by Vanilla-Gorilla on 01/05/09 at 08:07:53

Hey, nice to see there is a new update! But I still have the same problem. If I try to move the Contacts from the Skype Group into my Friends group, after a restart the Skype Group is back on my contact list. It still only works to merge contacts. Hope you can fix this behaviour in the future version. Keep up the good work!

# by Vanilla-Gorilla on 10/01/08 at 02:26:31

Hi! Thank you very much for the Skype Plugin! But in this version there semms to be one little bug. Normally you see the groups Skype and Skype Out and you could move the contacts into other groups. This time, if the contact uses no other protocol, after a restart of Adium the two groups are always back with the contacts in it. The only way to move my skype contacts is to merge them with exisiting other protocols. Hope you can fix this in a following version. But please keep up the good work!