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# by aduelley on 12/11/08 at 20:03:49

nevermind, I guess I cannot post the html anyways, you can email me if you want.

# by aduelley on 12/11/08 at 20:03:16

Ok, the two lines with %time% in their own line should have some html code in them, but I didn't realize when I posted this they wouldn't show up. The status.html one is correct to only have %time%. They should both say:

"" %time% ""

You just need to take out the quotes that surround the brackets.

# by aduelley on 12/11/08 at 19:55:49

Yes, you can add time stamps to this. If you open up the package contents for Adium, go into the resources directory, then the message styles directory. Inside open up the contents of the Adium Matte package. There you need to edit the status.html file(to add a time stamp when a user changes status) in dashcode or something like it, because you don't want to open it as an HTML file. add %time% in a new line above %message%. Now to add a time stamp to the incoming and outbound messages you need to first go to the incoming directory. There you will see 2 content files and 2 nextcontent files. You also want to open these with dashcode. In the content files you want to add the line
to the line above the line with something in it like %message%. Now in the nextcontent file you want to add the line
in the line above the message line. Add the same things to the same files within the outgoing directory.
The time stamp may look really big on the messages, you can fix it by editing the size or font family of your messages.