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# by DrBernie on 03/13/10 at 06:43:59

They're in
User > Library > Application Support > Adium 2.0 > Status Icons > LittleApples.AdiumStatusIcons

Right-Click > Show Package Contents on that file and you will have them all.

# by DrBernie on 12/28/08 at 07:54:46

I like it, some of the sounds seem to cut out quickly at the end which makes the set seem a little less great than it could be.
But overall good job (even if you didn't use my favourite ELO songs :P )

# by DrBernie on 12/28/08 at 07:42:01

I also agree with the Blastdoors.
Everything else is nice and smooth, that seems a little loud and out of place.
Also the fade back perhaps takes a bit too long to hear (due to the volume fading at the start of the whoosh), which could only really be fixed by replacing it altogether.

I like it =)