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# by djmurphix on 06/10/11 at 18:19:14

when im away it shows the x shouldnt it be invisible? i think its coded wrong.. i tried to sign out and sign back in but it still turns to X when im invisible. hopefully you fix that asap. thanks!

# by djmurphix on 03/17/10 at 06:25:58

can you do a los angeles dodgers? and if possible a los angeles angels? if not then just a dodger icon set would be great. thanks anyways.

# by djmurphix on 03/17/10 at 06:25:16

can you a make a los angeles lakers? seen one around here but needs some work. just wondering if you can give it a try. thanks anyways.

# by djmurphix on 03/07/10 at 06:49:57

alright we looking good. i know it seems im just buggin the sh** outta you lol but its just i like these there great just wondering one more mod or addition watever you wanna call it, is an invisible option. i dont know if its just me but when i go invisible it shows the bright green was wondering if it can either be brighten lower or just an faded black you kind of have a an idea of what im saying? if so thanks and if not let me know so i can be more explanatory. thanks anyways. keep it up you doin a GREAT job.

# by djmurphix on 03/05/10 at 21:55:47