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# by stan.c on 12/08/09 at 10:25:01

I have just installed snow leopard. I'll try to have a look soon.

# by stan.c on 09/22/09 at 14:09:35

To Penegal & juanchi, did you download the version I posted ?

# by stan.c on 03/25/09 at 11:22:38

Here is a complete working version. I'm not the original developper but he allowed me to fix the script. So I can't post it as a current version in
Get it there :

# by stan.c on 02/05/09 at 06:05:53

I found why it wasn't every time the correct artwork.
Here's a better version:

# by stan.c on 02/03/09 at 04:23:24

%_Artwork change the icon of every account. It just have to be called once. So, I think place the call in an unused account is the best solution.