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# by craptacular on 06/09/10 at 15:22:18

Ran into the HUD-mod-related Safari 5 problem and had to start over with a fresh Adium install. Forced to survive without HUD, I check to see if my old favorite (Modern Bubbling, of course) was working after the Safari 5 update... and... SCORE! :D

Thanks for keeping this updated, jimeh!

One request - would a dark version be a possibility? A dark version of "Alternative Modern" would be perfection with HUD, if/when the HUD mod for Adium ever gets fixed.

# by craptacular on 05/10/10 at 18:12:53


Figured the issue out right after submitting the other versions, so updated this one and cancelled the approval requests on the others.

CS5ish 1.1 now uses multiple ICNS assets to match CS5 icons with any sized dock (pending approval).

# by craptacular on 05/10/10 at 15:07:10

Submitted both 256x256px and 128x128px versions of CS5ish. I will link to them from here as soon as they are approved.

In the meantime I'll get 48px, 32px and 16px versions ready to submit as well as continue looking into ways to support multiple resolutions within a single Adium Icon xtra.

# by craptacular on 05/10/10 at 13:32:42

It appears that the reason that it may look off in size to you is due to the way that icons are sized in OS X. The CS5 icons are .ICNS assets that include several versions at different sizes within the same file. They are sized at 512x512 pixels, 256x256, 128x128, 48x48, 32x32 and 16x16. The one that appears is chosen by whatever size you have your dock set at.

This xtra is 512x512 only... for now, so it might appear a little off to those that use certain dock sizes.

For now I am unaware of how to have multiple sizes supported in the .plist file of the ".AdiumIcon" asset type, but I'll check if multiple sizes is even a possibility within an Adium icon xtra. If it is possible, I'll submit an update. If not, I'll just submit different versions at different sizes and you can just pick the one that works best with your particular dock size.

# by craptacular on 05/10/10 at 13:19:17

Weird - I used icon assets from CS5 apps as a template, yet they still appear off height for you?

Hmm. I'll take a look at my source graphics again and see if I can figure out what's going on. If I find any sizing discrepancies I'll revise and submit an update, as I want this to appear as seamless as possible with other CS5 apps.

Thanks for the feedback - every little bit helps!