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# by Skunkie on 02/23/11 at 02:30:12

Oh excellent! I can't wait. :D

# by Skunkie on 02/23/11 at 01:52:33

Fantastic theme!

I have found one issue, long away messages or when using the theme for IRC topics, the status bubble doesn't expand to include all the text. Everything just kind of ends up running together.

Thanks for reading. :)

# by Skunkie on 11/04/10 at 05:45:59

I agree, a mobile icon would be great. Right now when some one signs on via mobile the status icon shows as "offline".

Love the set by the way!

# by Skunkie on 06/30/10 at 13:41:25

Ah, I see it is in the download (note: don't use the "Install" feature). For those who did, the font is called HeldustryFTVBasic

# by Skunkie on 06/30/10 at 13:28:26

Could you say what the font is? I actually have no clue. Thanks. :)