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# by atticus04 on 04/03/07 at 16:46:43

Perfect! Thanks a ton!

# by atticus04 on 04/01/07 at 17:30:14

To be more specific, mine aren't exactly the same as those described above. I don't know the Adium lingo too well, but in the conversation area, each line of text tabs over one space.

I'm just going to try to take a screenshot.

# by atticus04 on 04/01/07 at 17:26:18

Love this message style, but I'm having margin issues too. All of my settings seem to be pretty standard too.

# by atticus04 on 09/26/05 at 16:59:04

Oh and to clarify its not the website and quicktime that I am having a problem with, but It's iTunes itself.