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# by skweek on 08/28/13 at 01:10:27

After installing this on Adium 1.5.7 (Adium update released on 7/2/13, 2 yr 6 mo after last plugin update) restarted Adium and created account added in user information and saved to have Adium quit unexpectedly. Checked accounts.xml to apply fix but okcupid account did not save to xml file. Removed addon from Application Support and reinstalled, then re-opened re-added account information didn't save account information and hung after saving but still did not add account information to xml file. Adium crashed and when reopened buddlist turned into a black box. Removed plugin and restarted Adium which fixed the problem but still no okcupid messnger.

Would be a great time for an update to the addon considering adium's new release date and time between the last addon.

# by skweek on 08/27/13 at 23:25:03


back in 2011 maximevalette updated the script repairing the bug but the url link is no longer valid, would you mind creating a new submission it doesn't look like bearzly will update it since the last update reads 2009.