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# by dsnydernc on 11/23/09 at 21:55:38

I've noticed some themes do it and some don't - not sure why. It's just a slight annoyance for OCD folks like myself :-p otherwise, in love with this theme. thanks again!

# by dsnydernc on 11/23/09 at 21:41:13

My one only tiny itty bitty complain is that the scroll bar appears in the message window even when not necessary - it's always there. Again, itsy bitsy not a big deal :-p

# by dsnydernc on 11/18/09 at 16:01:35

I've never commented on anything on this site before - but I had to create an account so that I could say...

This is the best, most beautiful, simple, elegant and wonderful messaging theme I have ever seen on here. I've installed it, and can't imagine I will ever switch to another. Thank you!!

I've been using Adium for years, and love it - but my one complaint is it's style. It's just simply ugly and not very Mac like. Even with all the contributions, it's not a very nice looking app. You've made half of it elegant. :-) Would love to see you use your skill to create an equally stunning contact list style.

Thanks again!