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# by Faycop on 12/08/09 at 21:22:37

Hi nice skin buddy :) I've just one question: I'm developing my own skin, and how did u do to resize the name and putting a dot if the name is too large? how did do this cool name-shorter action? :)

Thanks and bye! (of course, I'll thank you in the credit :D)

# by Faycop on 11/29/09 at 22:18:21

It was easy 'cause it's write in a cleaver way :) not only it's nice on the outside but also in the inside....really nice job again :D

# by Faycop on 11/29/09 at 21:20:02

I'm a web designer and I can read html and css pretty well :)

I've modified a little bit the skin:

1) the bug of reflection was made by the Scroll.js, i've solved deleting it
2) I've add a new variation of Blue-Grey type without scrollbar (if someone wants another variation just change the name of variation in the css file)
3) I've modified the timestamp now is HH:MM:SS
4) now the skin supports custom fonts (but not custom color cuz some colors will be unreadeble with the tons of variation avalaible)

I haven't add the separator 'cause i've tried and I don't like it even if I stilize that, lol :)

I use Adium from a week and I didn't know that adium's skins was so easy to modify :D

Here's the link:


# by Faycop on 11/28/09 at 16:06:08

Finally an awesome skin for adium :D I really like that, but I've 4 little questions:

1) I've a little bug with the reflection, how can I fix this? ->
2) can I toggle the scrollbar? what I must modify in the resources?
3) how can I set timestamps to hh:mm:ss instead of hh:mm
4) how can I add separators between multiple messages

Thanks and sorry for my bad english, I'm italian :)