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# by Epyon on 07/26/05 at 11:08:27

Consider it on the "update" list.

# by Epyon on 07/19/05 at 19:51:43

Sorry about the above. I didn't release that it didn't include hard returns. :p

# by Epyon on 07/19/05 at 19:50:44

Hi all. Thanks for the comments.

I actually used Seashore, a simple version of Gimp to make the dock icon. If you look, I did in fact do a lot of shading, but I kept it muted to match the default Adium dock icon's range of light and darks. It's really simple to change the light/shadow's though and I'll loook into making the shading a bit more noticeable for the next release. As for battle damage, I went off Bungie's model and there's very little scuffing/etc... on the upper body. I didn't want to get to out of control, so I left the armor "mint." Again, I'll look into adding a few scuff's here and there.

As for making the the invisible state like real camo, I'd like to do that and will work on it for the next release. When I was making the skin, there was no support for invisible state (dock icon-wise), but I had already drawn, scanned and colored the active camo pyramid. So I threw it in there right before release. Since I had done most of the work.

As for distinguishing betweens states better, I did the best for what I like. :p I *really* don't like little signs that say "Away" or "Idle." And since the MC's visor is always gold, I like keeping it like that. I think it takes very little time to get used to linking weapon combo's to various states.

As for firing his guns for alert state, that, unfortunately, won't be happening. You see, if you're away and receive an alert it uses the same alert as if you're idle and receive an alert. So if I add muzzle fire for the the BR (away) that will also be overlayed on top of the SMG and Plasmarifle (online). It's a limitation on Adium's side. Although I would like that a lot more.

For the grenade explosions, it is admittedly fast. This is my first dock icon, so I'm still playing around with overlays and frames and such. There is actually a smoke cloud afterward (it's fast). I'll work on this for the next release.

As for other weapons and such, I can draw them, color them and include them in the next release. However, it'll be up to you to modify the dock icon to use the different images. It's not very user friendly, but it is simple once you figure it out.

Elite/Arbitor editions aren't going to happen anytime soon (soonest = September). The next release is targeted for mid-August. I'm pretty busy with summer school (Mechanical Engineering == HARD), so it'll have to wait.

Thanks for all the comments/suggestions. Keep 'em coming!

~ Epyon

P.S. if you want to learn how to make your own dock icons, check out the forum (link is in the top left of every AdiumX(tras) page).