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# by NINJA90 on 03/15/10 at 01:46:14

Doesn't work.. I've tried, it completely screws ur computer.

# by NINJA90 on 03/14/10 at 19:02:45

Ok yes, I meant the body... I'm sorry for any confusion about the window opacity

# by NINJA90 on 03/14/10 at 18:57:30

Nope! The window, or the chat part of it anyway, is transparent... Have you even tried the theme yet?

# by NINJA90 on 03/14/10 at 18:23:27

Don't ask me, ask him.... And you don't change the window opacity, the maker of the theme sets it, tho how, i don't know... Look at pretty simple or actually try out his theme to see wat i mean by like the window opacity.

# by NINJA90 on 03/14/10 at 18:20:27

I don't think it has to do with background opacity... It has to do with the opacity of the window itself