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# by mirkjenkins on 04/09/10 at 10:39:36

I'm also experiencing strange issues with this Xtra.
It often stops working, or prevents me from sending messages. (ie. I type something, press enter, the text I wrote disappears, but is not sent to my buddy). This happens also with messages that don't have a "find/change" word in them. Only way to get them to work again is to relaunch Adium.

I also have a few requests:

The option to automatically capitalize the first letter of a message and/or sentence.

The ability to have certain replacement that are relevant only to a specific contact or group of contacts. (When I'm talking to BeerBong81 "LC" should be replaced with "Last Call", but when I'm talking with DrBrainiac "LC" should be replaced with "Lutharian Cerebellum".

Sometimes I forget that I've left my Caps Lock on. It would be nice if this xtra would look at my text and see several consecutive words in caps and automatically de-cap all but the first word.

I hate the way my buddy spells. It would be nice if I could make substitutions in his text as well (only I would see the changes of course)

The ability to highlight a word (or words) in the conversation window, right click and choose "Make new de-abbreviation" without going into the preferences.