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# by bspec on 03/06/11 at 01:52:17

Love these status icons; they look great on black. My only complaint would be the Typing icon, it looks too similar to the available icon in color. Side-by-side it's easy to tell, but on its own it's harder to tell. Maybe it's just my eyes =P A pink/purple color would be a good alternative. Other than that minor thing, these are awesome.

# by bspec on 04/18/10 at 04:02:25

Played around with my window theme and updated it, scrolling works fine now =) Sorry for the... triple post.

# by bspec on 04/18/10 at 01:18:11

Actually, upon further use of this theme, new messages are constantly being cut off, forcing me to scroll to the bottom of the window after each sent or received message. Maybe it's a problem from my end.

# by bspec on 04/18/10 at 01:05:58

Great message style! Only a few suggestions from my end:
When the window isn't auto-darkened, it's a bit too light for my liking. With light backgrounds it's more difficult to see the text. Is it only supposed to auto-darken when the mouse curser is over the messages?
Also, when sending or receiving a new message, the scrollbar scrolls to the bottom of the message, but not the bottom of the window.

These aren't really a big deal, just something worth mentioning. Overall great theme. Keep it up.