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# by deimos on 12/06/10 at 09:26:17

Idea: To get round the "bug" in Skype, how about an additional plug-in option to delay the plug-in connection to Skype after starting it by either a preset number of seconds or allow user to set the delay in the plug-in options. This delay after starting Skype would allow it to start, connect and auto-login and thus load the user settings. I know that when Skype starts on my Mac it takes ages to start and log-in and takes loads of CPU time so I would need to set any such delay to be long but others might be able to get away with being quicker.

Just a thought as to how the plug-in could get round the Skype "funny"

# by deimos on 11/23/10 at 10:18:40

Identified my confusion.

On opening MacBook (resume from suspend), Adium puts all accounts back online OK except Skype which seems to stay/go to an away state (I am to slow entering my password to see what state it is in immediately on opening laptop - so MSN, AIM, etc all online OK but Skype "away".

Skype then stays in "away" status whilst computer in use. If computer then left for e.g. 15 mins so it goes into sleep state, on return from sleep, enter security password and everything including skype put back online properly (i.e. Skype is switched from its incorrect "away" state to online.

So the fault is in resume from suspend whilst resume from sleep works OK. Looks (from a users perspective) as though Skype plug-in works OK as works fine on resume from sleep.

Any progress as it is a real pain and I keep forgetting to change Skype status on opening MacBook (so I can be shows as away for hours when I am actually online and people cannot/do not contact me and it is a big impact).

# by deimos on 11/06/10 at 11:58:02

Sorry - done some more tests and now:

When I manually set the status using Adium, Skype updates its status correctly. When idle/away through inactivity, on activity Adium goes back online OK but Skype does not change and stays "Away". I have to manually change the status (in Adium) to get Skype to go back "Available".

Either I have been reading things wrong or the behaviour is not consistent. anyway, I've tried several times and this should be the final update on this (sorry for messing you around).

# by deimos on 11/05/10 at 13:58:46

To clarify the problem with the status not being re-set correctly - I used bad (well wrong) terminology.

When my MacBook is closed (goes into suspend mode) and then opened again, Adium sets all services to "available" except Skype which stays "away". If I leave the MacBook alone for a bit, long enough so Adium automatically sets its status to idle/away then when I start using the computer again, Adium/Skype plug-in set all services back to online (including Skype). So the failure to set the Skype status only happens when opening the MacBook (from suspend).

I think I got sleep/suspend wrong. Very sorry and I hope you have not wasted time chasing the wrong thing.

(For anybody else's info: Crash sent and you have received and are investigating)

# by deimos on 11/03/10 at 11:45:09

I'm now starting to get crashes on coming out of sleep (and it looks like the crash is in the Skype plug-in). Never had any problems with the previous release of Adium and Skye plug-in so it is something to do with the upgrade. If the crash report is useful let me know and where to send it (I guess you would not want the entire file posted here !).