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# by j.p.rub on 08/31/10 at 00:35:37

I send it to your email.

# by j.p.rub on 08/30/10 at 23:47:12


I have got a problem. I use Adium with this Skype plugin and everytime I start Adium, it goes online in icq , it starts skype, BUT when skype is online adium crashes. Skype is still running, but not Adium and if I start Adium again, it goes again online in icq, but just for a second and crashes again.
If I start Adium without Skype or quit Skype while dealing in, everything is fine!

My Skype API Client permissions is "allow access" to Adium.

I have tried deleting and reinstalling the plugin, adium and skype a few times. It's the newes version Adium:1.3.10 Skype:
But nothing worked.

Do you have an idea?