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# by cewood on 12/08/06 at 18:00:26

Hello again, i took the liberty of looking up the names of the different states in the wiki for you, here they are...

* Generic Available
* Free for Chat
* Available for Friends Only

* Generic Away
* Extended Away
* Away for Friends Only
* Not Available
* Occupied
* Busy
* Phone
* Lunch
* Not At Home
* Not At Desk
* Not In Office
* Vacation
* Stepped Out

* Idle

* Invisible

* Offline

* Unknown

So these are the actual state keys/name you should use inside your AdiumStatusIcons pack, and same goes for my reply in your AdiumIcon (dock icon) thread :) Again hope this helps, and i look forward to your next realease.

# by cewood on 12/08/06 at 17:54:10

Hey i really like these, my only gripe is that atm i seem to see the icon with the Zz in it for the base icon, ie. when im not connected. IMO the icon that is blank would better suit this application and maybe there is some other icon more suitable for the online state. I took the liberty of looking up the possible states for Dock icons in the wiki and they are as follows...

# Base
# Online
# Alert
# Away
# Connecting
# Idle
# Preview
# Invisible

Hope that helps.

# by cewood on 12/07/06 at 15:08:39

I really like these as well, i think the Tango project is an awesome effort, i do have some criticism's though... currently when someone is typing me a msg it displays the clock icon, and i have a similar bug in the dock icon showing the icon with Z in it (presumably the idle icon)?

# by cewood on 10/21/05 at 05:50:06

Awesome icon set, im in urgent need of a more attractive icon for the google talk... could you help us all out. Your work is greatly appreciated, keep up the good job.

# by cewood on 09/04/05 at 03:28:43

Is there any chance of you making it so that long url's will wrap around to the next line rather than using one of those ugly scrolling frames?