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# by Saraphim on 10/10/10 at 08:05:34

I've tried posting a detailed bug report on the trac, but no response since last year. I'm hoping someone here might take over and look into the problem with the plugin not working for 1.4 versions of Adium. Here's the info from my original bug report:


As soon as I install the plugin either directly from within Adium or through the website, Adium is no longer able to log onto any account, rendering the plugin rather useless. :-)

Strangely, although Adium starts up and sits there forever trying to log on (I've tried waiting for half an hour, thinking it might be some sort of weird caching issue) the menu item for Sort By Log Size never shows up in the Adium View menu.

This issue has persisted through all the 1.4 betas, though this is specifically for Adium 1.4b7.

As soon as I uninstall the plugin and restart Adium, everything works fine again.

What kind of info do you need me to submit to help out?

This problem has now persisted until 1.4b19.

I found some extra info from the system console when launching Adium with the plugin installed. Any clues?

10/10/10 09:56:01 Adium[590] Invalid NSDictionary access. Set a breakpoint at +[AIDictionaryDebug breakpoint] to debug
10/10/10 09:56:01 Adium[590] *** Assertion failure in -[NSCFDictionary setObject:forKey:], /Users/adium/adium-1.4/Source/AIDictionaryDebug.m:58
10/10/10 09:56:01 Adium[590] {type = mutable dict, count = 1,
entries =>
1 : {contents = "sbrofeldt"} = {type = mutable dict, count = 1,
entries =>
2 : {contents = "Bookmark:timeline (sbrofeldt).0"} = {value = +0, type = kCFNumberSInt32Type}

: Attempted to set {type = mutable dict, count = 0,
entries =>
for (null)

This is only in the console when trying to launch WITH the plugin installed (and not working). When I remove it, it does not appear in console.