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# by fediaFedia on 01/10/11 at 20:36:58

Dear fellow, if it's not too much of a burden, perchance you ad the following trollicons:

Longtroll: couldnt find it, but it's Shocked guy with a troll head
Newspaper dad shocked:
Are you f* serious?
Everything Went Better than Expected:


Ad [trollface] and [troll] for the troll emoticon
Change current [ewbte] to [nice] and use the real ewbte above

Splendid! I shall wait for an update with great anticipation.

# by fediaFedia on 01/01/11 at 19:57:08

Melvinface please

# by fediaFedia on 12/28/10 at 11:41:16

Nice work! Hey btw, I ported these to miranda since I'm using windows right now, can I upload them to miranda addons, with your credits, ofc. Or I could send the zip to you and you can upload it. Gotta spread the reddit culture :P

# by fediaFedia on 12/18/10 at 21:34:56

Oh and thanks for adding aintthatsomeshitchallangeaccepted, these never really caught on on reddit, but i liked them xD

# by fediaFedia on 12/18/10 at 21:32:28

Hi there, fellow redditor and customizer, nice work on the troll icons, me and my friend have been using self made ones for miranda (on windows for a while), and now i switched to digsby, which accepts adium emoticons, but I seem to be missing a few, and was wondering if you'd consider adding these: - we had [actuallyokay] and [itsnotokay]

Also [nookay]

Additionally we had [sonmegusta], [darkhorrorcry], [longtroll], [ultimaterage] and some other obscure and random emoticons, but i think they're not important.