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# by grOOvy on 12/22/10 at 03:51:19

I see. Well, thanks for responding anyhow. And here's hoping that someone is able to figure out the root cause behind this issue.

# by grOOvy on 12/22/10 at 03:32:58

Thanks for writing this plug-in, BigBrownChunx.

I seem to be facing the same problem that many others are. Skype contacts seem to be placed in the root folder of my Adium contact list each time Adium restarts. If I create a group (called "Skype", for example) and place all the Skype contacts within it, restarting Adium moves the contacts back to root and I have to move them back to the group each time. This is pretty frustrating, as I like sorting my contacts into groups based on the service they use (MSN, AIM, GTalk, Skype, etc).

I am using the latest version of Adium (1.4.1, on Snow Leopard) and the 08Nov2010 version of your Skype plugin from this page. Is there any more information you need from me? And do you have a fix for this issue? A response would be appreciated, thanks.