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# by SteinerPDP on 02/21/11 at 15:46:14

What else can I do?

# by SteinerPDP on 02/21/11 at 15:45:49

What else can I do? ... anybody?

# by SteinerPDP on 02/13/11 at 14:11:04

No, I hadn't. Tried it. No changed. The I removed EVERYTHING (incl. Adium) .. cleaned out cache and preferences. Reinstalled Adium and Skype API, only. Still the same (at first there was no group and all the Skype contacts showed as a member of ROOTIJKSHFOINZGIOEOP). On second restart, only the 'Skype' group showed up again, but none of the other skype groups. Create two new groups in Adium and added contacts. The groups and its contacts showed-up immediately on skype, but on restart of Adium they had disappeared. Then I removed the skype group and that worked also: All my skype contacts were deleted! Also on the skype server!!! NB: Got them back: 1. set skype offline, quit skype 3. copied back the database from the Trash copy of the Pref data 4. restarted skype offline and renamed all 75 of them and then put skype online which synced the new names back to the server;)

Back to your Skype API for Adium: Adium transfers all information/action correctly to skype. However, it seems to me as if it only picks-up the skype root listing of the contacts (i.e. the contact group called 'Skype'), but none of the actual contact groups (even if that group was originally created in Adium, on restart of Adium/Skype they only show on Skype.

What else can I do?

# by SteinerPDP on 02/12/11 at 09:33:43

since I installed skype 5.0:
- Adium shows my skype contacts as one group called 'skype'. It does not show the skype groups. If I create a new group and add skype contacts, the group disappears on Adium when I restart, but remains on skype.
- Skype 'hangs' on start-up '(auto-start' ticked, 'make skype online' also ticked, 'connect when adium opens' also ticked)

OS X 10.5.08
Admium 1.4.1 (16/11/2010)

FB, IM, Yahoo, G'talk, Jabber, twitter, twitter timelines .. are all working and showing contact groups and if such groups contain combined skype contacts then the skype contact remains associated with that group. But if I disable e.g. FB, then the skype contact disappears from that group on restart.

I re-installed Adium and Skype.

Any ideas on how to fix it? Skype is my main coms interface.