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# by Haley on 02/10/05 at 18:10:06

[current song: %_artist - %_track]

for those of you for whom it's not working

I like the format though. Better than the other one for sure.

# by Haley on 07/22/04 at 23:18:06

Hm, just tried out different sizes and it seems that size 13 is the only one that makes it turn out that way. Thanks for pointing that out.

I hate how I always end up commenting in my own xtras things a ton or replying in my own threads.

# by Haley on 07/21/04 at 20:59:27

Wow, thanks!

Oh, I didn't feel like changing the description but I guess this could be inspired by just GUIpod as well as TigerPod. Doesn't have to be TigerPod. Just noticed that and thought I'd mention.

# by Haley on 06/19/04 at 18:36:53

Hm, I guess I just realized it also matches the Adium website(s). Nice. So if you'd like to match the website of your favorite IM app, this contact list theme is for you along with those Slick Orange users.