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# by norbi on 10/25/05 at 14:20:07

Brilliant. Although you spelled 'answer' wrong, you put an 'e' on the end, but i can easily take that out, just might be nice for other people to not have to make the effort. there could be other typos aswell, i havnt really checked. But well done, its a great collection.

# by norbi on 10/13/05 at 15:11:40

They just keep on coming. This one is the best so far out of the duck infront of a computer range.

# by norbi on 10/12/05 at 16:14:04

This is totally the best message style out there. Even if you dont like MGS this is the coolest looking one (i do like MGS, which obviously makes it even better).
I don't see everyone's problem with the text colour, the white/grey is an obvious difference.
I use 'Lucida Grande' - 14. It looks pretty close to the text in the MGS3 codec.
I got an idea (although somewhat impossible to do [but it would rock more than anything, ever]) when the buddy signs out, their icon closes/dissapears.
Oh, and as everyone has said, the soundset just adds to it so much. Thanks for the best message style...