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# by katlady81 on 09/14/07 at 01:13:46

Yeah, me too. Totally false-hopes from this script! :)

# by katlady81 on 07/22/07 at 17:35:47

Request filled = check soon (link will work when approved)

# by katlady81 on 07/22/07 at 13:57:07

Umm...sure. I just have to think about how I'd do the animations/colors for the dock.

# by katlady81 on 05/22/07 at 17:41:30

Nice - but it's very pesky about chaning font sizes. Possible fix? (I would like to use a different font, and bigger, and this is one of the msg styles that just doesn't like keeping font changes)

# by katlady81 on 02/13/07 at 21:03:57

And how is it 'badly done'?