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# by iTorrey on 01/07/14 at 13:22:06

I'm working on a dark variant. What did you have in mind?

# by iTorrey on 01/17/09 at 15:03:28

Thanks for taking the time to give some feedback. The good news is that this is actually already in place! Just go to Preferences > Messages > Variant and choose the color theme you like with "No Names" next to it.

This used to be the default but the problem was that if you were talking in a group chat you didn't know right off who was talking.

# by iTorrey on 03/22/08 at 17:43:03

Check line 152 of main.css

# by iTorrey on 01/22/08 at 19:34:23

It was a bug in Webkit. The bug is unfortunately still there however there are some new things in webkit that will allow me to fix that. I hope to spend some time on that soon and get a new version out in March.

# by iTorrey on 01/22/08 at 19:33:29

You're quite right. There is room for some improvements in color of the bubbles. Hopefully soon I'll be able to take a day and work out some new things. Webkit allows me to do a lot more than it did before when I originally created this.

As for the contrast on the names and timestamp, I did that on purpose. I think this information being in the speechbubble is generally useless. In the case of 1 on 1 chats that is. You already know who you're chatting with (it's in the title of the window and the tab) but others really wanted this to be in the bubble so that was my compromise. I'll look at possibly changing it to give it some more contrast.

Thanks for the positive comments :)