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# by zkcola on 10/05/06 at 18:57:20

Thanks, problem solved.

# by zkcola on 10/03/06 at 23:28:46

Yeah I did notice that...all this time I just assumed it was a bug in adium, so I have just been using the menu bar to get to those features. I don't know what my set could have done to disable it though.

# by zkcola on 04/12/06 at 05:10:07

Thanks :)

# by zkcola on 11/19/05 at 15:38:02

Yeah...I don't know how to make one or at least save what I use, which is pretty plain.

# by zkcola on 11/18/05 at 13:30:20

I notice I have been getting very low ratings on these icons...if anyone ahs any suggestions for improvement, I am very willing to hear them.