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# by codeman38 on 09/27/06 at 23:13:10

To me, it would make more sense for the 'busy' icon to be used for away instead of the 'idle' icon. I like the overall look, though.

# by codeman38 on 07/09/06 at 17:27:45

This has quickly become one of my favorite status icon sets. I like it because the icons are easily distinguishable by color *and* shape.

The only thing I *might* change about it is to try to remove the bar from the Offline icon.

# by codeman38 on 07/08/06 at 21:39:34

I'd like to see an alternate version with a bar on the 'away' icon and a clock on the 'idle' icon, as in the dock icons. Some people might find that more cluttered, but I find it easier to distinguish the icons that way (and I imagine anyone with red-green colorblindness would find it useful too!).